How to Extract the Course Name, Chapter Name, and Course URL Automatically While Taking the Course


To extract specific information such as the Course Name, Chapter Name, and the Course URL while taking a course, you must first create a survey with these fields in the exact format, as mentioned below:

  • Course Name
  • Chapter Name
  • Course URL


Once that is done, add that survey to the relevant course in the ProProfs Training Maker.


Here are the steps:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, either create a survey from scratch or edit an existing survey if required.


create a survey form scratch or edit an existing survey


Step 2: From the question type, select "TextBox" and click "Add Question." Create three questions, each titled Course Name, Chapter Name, and Course URL, as shown in the screenshot below. Click "Save" to save your survey.


select question type as text





Step 3: Now go to your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, create a new course, or edit an existing course if you want.


create a course from scratch or edit an existing one


Step 4: Click Add New >> Survey.




Step 5: Select the survey you created in the previous steps and click Done so that it can be added to the course. This will allow your learners to take the survey right inside your training course.


select survey


Step 6: To save your updated training course, click Done.


save survey


Step 7: To view your survey takers' and learners' comprehensive survey reports, go back to your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard and access the reports.


view survey reports


Step 8: Click the view icon to view the detailed report.


view reponses


Step 9: The report represents the data for the three parameters Course Name, Chapter Name, and Course URL. You can also download the report by clicking the download icon.





That is all about extracting the course name, chapter name, and course URL in ProProfs Training Maker.



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