How to Send and Track Email Course Invites


Send course invites via email and track their status in easy steps with ProProfs Training Maker. Check how many invites are accepted and pending as per your tracker list. 

Here’s what the email tracking will look like in ProProfs Training Maker:


Email Tracking List


Tracking email invites lets you:


  • See who has received and accepted the invitation and who has yet to.

  • Follow up with those who have yet to respond and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to join the course.

  • Keep track of the number of participants and plan accordingly.

  • Check valuable data for future planning and improvement of the course.


How to Send and Track Email Course Invites


Step 1: Click the Send icon on the ProProfs Training Maker dashboard to share a course.


Click the Send icon


Step 2: Now, you must send a new invite to users you want to take the course.


Send an email invite to users to take the course


Learn more about sharing a course with learners.


Step 3: You can switch to the Sent Invites tab to view the invite status after sending the invite.


Below is a short explanation of the statuses you will see-


  1. All- The total number of invites you sent.

  2. Sent- The ones delivered, but the user hasn’t opened the link.

  3. Opened- The invites which users have accepted and started taking the course.

  4. Pending- The ones that haven’t been delivered for any reason.


Track your invites under the Sent Invites tab



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