How to Access the Grade Book Report


The Grade Book report is like a report card. It tells you how many points a student or a group of students have scored on average in all the quizzes in their courses. It helps you see how well the students are doing.


Grade Book

There are two types of Grade Book reports with ProProfs Training Maker:
User Grade Book report - This shows the total points and average score of a single learner for all quizzes attempted. 
Group Grade Book report - Group Grade Book report shows you the grades - total points and average score of all the learners in a particular group. This report helps you to compare the performance of learners.


Below are steps to access the Grade Book report for a group. Steps are similar for a user's Grade Book report.


Step 1: Go to the Groups tab in My Classroom.

Clicks on Groups

Step 2: Select Group and click on Grade Book, to view the report. 


Select Group


Step 3: On this page, you will get to see Total Points and Average Score for all the quizzes attempted by a group (as shown in the image below for the group - Coachella Valley)


Name of Group




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