How to Use a Training Calendar to Schedule Training Sessions


ProProfs Training Maker lets you schedule and conduct training sessions virtually and in person in a classroom-type environment. The Training Calendar is helpful for instructors to plan, schedule, and manage training sessions and for learners to know about upcoming training sessions.


The following screenshot provides the instructor’s view of different training sessions scheduled using the calendar.


Instructor View of the Training Calendar


Here’s what learners will see when training is scheduled through the calendar:


Learner's View


Benefits of training calendar in LMS:


  • Improved organization and planning to save time & effort for trainers and also help trainees be aware of the event

  • Automated notifications and reminders about the event details to reduce confusion or misses

  • Improved tracking and analysis to help trainers track attendance and overall effectiveness of training sessions


To create an event in the training calendar:


Step 1: Go to More > Training Calendar in your training maker account.


Go to Training Calendar in the More menu


Step 2: Click on any date or use the “+ Create Event” button to schedule a session.


Create a new event using the provided method


Step 3: In the slider window, enter details, such as title, description, start date, and start & end time. You can also create recurring sessions. Also, you can choose to conduct the training virtually or in person.


Further, you can mention the event location, i.e., Google Meet or Zoom link (for virtual) or meeting/room address for in-person.


Lastly, you can add guests from your user list and also choose to set up an email reminder.


Once done, click Save.




Step 4: When you save, a prompt to send an email invite to guests for training shows up. Click Yes to send an invitation. The email invitation will look like the one below, where guests can confirm attendance.


Email notification about the new event


Learner’s View


Step 4.1: Upon clicking “Confirm Attendance,” the learner will be redirected to the Stream section in their ProProfs Classroom account. They can approve their participation once again to find out the meeting details.


Event notification in the Stream section of the Classroom from where learner can accept the invitation and join the meet


Admin/Instructor’s View


Instructors can go to the training calendar to view reports of their training sessions. They can also update an upcoming event at any instance.


  • Go to More > Training Calendar and select the event to view its report. Click View Report.


Click View Report to check the attendance


Here’s what the meeting report will look like.


Meeting report


Note: The instructor can change the attendance status manually to align with the actual meeting participation by the guests.


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