How to Add Text, Images, Audio, Videos, Docs & Presentations to a Course


Creating a new course from scratch is much easier with ProProfs Training Maker. You can quickly add text and media files to your chapters & pages and deliver a comprehensive training experience to your learners. 


Watch this quick video guide about adding media to courses.





Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


Benefits of adding text & media to a course:


  • Explain the course topics to learners in detail and enhance the learning quotient using media files
  • Enable learners to access different media types to comprehend course content in a better way and improve their knowledge retention


This article covers the following:


1. How to Add Text

2. How to Add Images

3. How to Add an Audio File

4. How to Add a Video

5. How to Add Video Captions

6. How to Add Documents, Spreadsheets, & Presentations

7. How to Change Layout


Adding text, images, audio, and videos takes only a few minutes in ProProfs Training Maker. Follow these steps, and you are all set to make learning fun and exciting for your learners.


Step 1: In the course editor, navigate to the chapter or page in the course where you want to add text, image, audio, or video clip. 


 Step 2: Adding Text


Enter the chapter title in the “Title box” and scroll below to add the course text in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get ) Editor, which provides a graphical user interface similar to that of Microsoft Word. 
Add chapter/page title and text content to your course

The toolbar appears when you are adding text to your chapter/page. As displayed in the image below, it contains menu buttons giving you access to various functions. All buttons are grouped according to their function and include operations - such as paste content, basic text styling, text formatting, etc. 


This is the toolbar you can use while adding text to your course


You will find the following in the first row. 


(i) Paste - To paste a text fragment, first cut or copy it from another source, then click the Paste button. You can also use Ctrl + V. If direct access to the clipboard is blocked, you will be asked to paste the text into the Paste dialog window.


(ii) Paste as Plain Text - If you want to paste an already formatted text but without preserving the formatting, you can paste it as plain text. To achieve this, copy the formatted text and press this button on the toolbar.


(iii)Paste from Word - The editor allows you to copy text from Microsoft Word. It will preserve the basic formatting when you paste it from Microsoft Word. To achieve this, copy the text from a Word page and paste it by clicking on the Paste button. You can also use Ctrl + V. Things don’t always look great when pasting from Word. If you have formatting issues, it is best to paste it as plain text.



 Step 3: Adding an Image


ProProfs Training Maker lets you add media files as a cover for a chapter or page. Or you can also add an image in the text area to support your course content. 


To add an image from the toolbar in the text area, follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Click the image icon in the toolbar and upload an image from your computer.


You can add image in the text area using the add image icon


To add an image using the “Change Media” option, follow these steps: 


1. Click “Change Media.

2. An overlay will appear with options to add an image(s) using the following options:


  • Library - You can select an image from our library. It has every file you have uploaded. 
  • Search - It will let you search for an image from Google or Pexels.
  • Upload - It will allow you to add an image stored on your computer. 
  • Embed - It will let you use the image’s embed code or web link to add as media.


Use the change media option to add an image as a chapter or page cover


 Step 4: Adding an Audio File


1. Click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon next to the Add New button in the course editor.

2. You can either upload an audio file or record one. Click the “Upload” button to select an audio file from your computer, or click the mic icon to start recording audio. Click “Done” to save the changes.


Add Audio file from local storage or record your voice and upload it


Here’s what uploading an audio file will look like.


Uploading an audio file from the local storage


This is how the uploaded audio file will appear in the course editor.


Uploaded audio file in the course editor


 Step 5: Adding a Video File

1. Click the “Change Media” button.

2. Select a method( Library, YouTube/Pexels, Upload) to add the video file.


Note: We accept video formats such as FLV, MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, F4V, M4V, MOV, MPEG, and WMV and encode them to be accessible across multiple platforms. To ensure that your videos, regardless of their format, work across most platforms and are accessible from various devices, we use superior encoding technology.


Adding Video as a Chapter/Page Cover


YouTube - You can search for a YT video or use the embed code to add it to your course.
Add video from YouTube by searching for it or using the embed code
 Note: You can add video captions to promote seamless learning by helping learners understand the video content better. It will also break language barriers by imparting information in different languages.

To add captions, you require a VTT file.
The GIF explains how you can upload a VTT file to enable video captions

You can use our sample VTT file from here or create one using open-source software such as
 Similar to adding images & videos, you can upload documents, PPTs, and spreadsheets to enhance your course content and impart meaningful learning experiences to your learners. You can upload a file from your systems or cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
Supported File Format & File Size:
  • Document: DOC, DOCX, PDF- Up to 2GB
  • Spreadsheet: XLS, XLSX- Up to 2GB
  • Presentation:  PPT, PPTX- Up to 2GB
Upload a document, spreadsheet, or a presentation to your course by going to "Change Media" option then to the "Upload" tab.
Note: You can upload documents, spreadsheets, and presentations only to your course pages. You won’t find the option for chapters.

 Step 6: Changing the Layout of the Page


Apart from adding text, images, audio, and video to your course, ProProfs Training Maker allows you to change your page layout at your convenience. 


1. Go to “Layout” in your course editor. 


Go to Layout to readjust your course elements


2. Select a layout option from the available choices.
 Choose your preferred layout from the overlay
Here’s a preview of the “Media on Left” layout: 
"Media on Left" layout preview
ProProfs Training Maker lets you choose from pre-built layouts & styles for various course elements to help you design an impactful course. 


That is all about adding text & media to your courses.



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