How to Add Interactive Questions to a Video


Make your course videos highly engaging for your learners. ProProfs Training Maker allows you to make course videos interactive by adding questions. You can place questions to assess the knowledge retention of learners informally. The video will pause once the question pops up, and after the learner provides a response, it resumes. Additionally, the feature can improve content consumption.


 Here's how the question will appear on the video added to a course.


Preview of Questions on a Course Video


The immediate benefit of adding questions is to enhance the course video’s interactivity. In addition, the questions will ensure learners are paying attention to the video lesson.


How to Add Questions to a Video


Step 1: Create a new course or open an existing one from the dashboard.


Open an existing course or create a new course



Step 2: Go to Change Media in the editor.


Click Change Media to open the overlay to edit the video


Note: You can add questions to videos on chapter(s) & page(s).


Step 3: Click Add Interactive Questions in the overlay.


Navigate to the option to add questions


Step 4: Enter question & answer options. Select the start & end time. Click Done to add.


Modify your question using different options


Step 5: You can perform the following functions:


1. Add multiple questions.

2. Edit or remove questions.


Click on the title to edit questions or delete icon to remove


After adding the questions, you can play the video and preview them.


Preview of Questions on Course Video


That is all about adding questions to boost the interactivity of a course video.



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