How to Add Interactive Questions to a Video


Adding interactive questions to a video makes it more engaging and facilitates a quick survey option. ProProfs Training Maker enables you to embed interactive question(s) in a video at a specific duration(s). The video will pause once the question pops up, and after the learner responds, it resumes.


Follow the steps to add questions to your course videos and enhance learners’ engagement.


Video overview of a question added to a course video





The primary benefit of adding questions is to enhance the course video’s interactivity. In addition, the questions will ensure learners are paying attention to the video lesson.


How to Add Questions to a Video


Step 1: Go to Change Media in the course editor.


Click Change Media to open the overlay to edit the video


Note: You can add questions to videos on chapter(s) & page(s).


Step 2: Click Add Interactive Questions in the overlay.


Navigate to the option to add questions


Step 3: Enter question & answer options. Select the start & end time. Click Done to add.


Add question, answer options, and set duration



Step 4: After adding the question(s), you can edit it or remove it from appearing on the video.


Modify your question using different options


Once done, you can play the video and preview your question(s).


Preview of Questions on Course Video


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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