How to Configure the ProProfs Training Maker Gamification Features


Gamification helps make training more engaging and enjoyable for learners. The features include leaderboards, points, and badges for completing specific milestones. This will boost learners’ engagement and foster healthy competition to perform better.


A sample leaderboard after enabling gamification in the ProProfs Training Maker.


Leaderboard Preview in ProProfs LMS


Gamification in training maker helps you:


  • Improve learners’ engagement

  • Motivate learners to perform well

  • Amplify knowledge retention

  • Deliver an effective & efficient training program


This article covers the following:

1. How to Configure Gamification Features

2. How to Share Badges on Social Media


To configure gamification features in ProProfs Training Maker:


Step 1: Go to More > Gamification on your training maker dashboard. The gamification page will open.


Go to Gamification under More on Training Maker dashboard


Step 2: Enable gamification features for trainees.


Turn on Gamification


Step 2.1: Turn on/off points and leaderboard, respectively. Activate/deactivate individual options listed here. Assign the points for different milestones.


Enable points and leaderboard


Step 2.2: Turn badges on/off. Select the ones learners can earn upon achieving specific milestones related to courses, quizzes, & surveys.


Enable Badges


Since you’ve enabled and configured the gamification features, learners can see data, such as total points, certificates, badges, and the leaderboard, when they log into the classroom. Learners can click each tab to check their progress and achieve milestones to earn more points and move up the leaderboard.


Classroom view of the Gamification data


How to Share Badges on Social Media


1. To share the earned badges with peers and friends, learners can click the Badges tab to open their collection. 


2. On hovering over a badge, three icons will appear: Facebook, X(formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn. Suppose a learner wants to share the badge on LinkedIn. They can simply click on the LinkedIn icon


Open Badges tab and select a badge to share

3. An overlay will open with the following options:

a. To share the badge on the feed

b. To add the badge to the License or Certification section on the profile page


Share your achievement! Click "Share" to post your latest ProProfs Training Maker badge on LinkedIn. Sign in to LinkedIn in the new tab that opens and proceed.


Share your achievement on LinkedIn

And that's it! If you encounter any issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team. 



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