How to Add a PowerPoint Presentation to Your Course


ProProfs enables you to upload your PowerPoint slides to your training courses. You can also use our PPT template, add audio, and video clips to create a new presentation in simple steps. Visually appealing and interactive courses result in better learning outcomes.


Here's how a PowerPoint slide looks like in a course:


PPT in a course


Benefits of having a PowerPoint Presentation in your course:

  • Make your courses engaging for learners
  • Boost knowledge retention
  • Explain complex concepts in an interesting way


In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to add a PowerPoint slide to your course
  2. How to add audio/video to your presentation


1. How to add a PowerPoint slide to your course


Step 1: You can begin by creating a new course or open a course for editing. Once you’re in the editor, select a page where you want to add the presentation and click Change Media.


Note: A PPT can only be added to a page, not to a chapter.


Add PPT to a course


Step 2: In this pop-up, you arrive under the Upload tab. Select Presentation and Upload your PPT file.


Upload presentation in online course


Note: Alternatively, you can use our PPT template by clicking Use Sample Presentation.

PPT template online


2. How to add audio/video to your presentation


Step 4: You can also add audio and video to the PPT. To do so, click Add Audio/Video.


Add audio and video to PPT online


Step 5: You can switch between audio, video, and the PPT. You can click on the mic button and record audio for individual slides or upload a pre-recorded file. Enable Auto Play if you want it to play automatically as soon as the user lands on the slide.


Click Done when you have made all the required additions. Your PPT is now ready.


Edit presentation online




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