How to Share a Course Using a Unique QR Code


ProProfs Training Maker makes it easy to share a course by downloading and sharing a unique QR code and inviting learners to take a particular course on their mobile devices. Users can scan the QR code to take the course.


The QR code will be helpful if you want to train employees working at a manufacturing or industrial plant. You can download & share the code in any form or print it out & paste it, which learners can scan with their mobiles and take the course.


Also, if an instructor doesn’t have the email IDs of learners, they can quickly download and share the QR code.


Here’s how the course will appear to learners upon scanning a specific QR Code on their mobile.


Course Starting Page after scanning the QR code through mobile device


By providing a QR code for your course, you can make it more accessible for learners. They can quickly scan the code using their mobile devices and take the course on the go without needing a laptop or desktop computer. This can enhance your training process by making it more convenient for learners.


This article covers the following:

1. Sharing a Course Using a QR Code

2. Sharing a Classroom Using a QR Code


 How to Share a Course Using a QR Code


Step 1: In your ProProfs Training Maker account, click the Send icon of the course you want to share with the learners.


Click the Send Course icon on the ProProfs Training Maker dashboard


Step 2: Go to QR Code and click Download QR Code. An image file will be downloaded.



Step 3: Share the code with learners to scan and visit your course link to begin it.


 How to Share a Classroom Using a QR Code


Accessing the ProProfs LMS becomes quick and convenient through the different sharing methods available in the ProProfs Training Maker. Among these, the QR Code method enables users to log into the classroom and access the training modules and quizzes on the go. In this article, you will learn how to share a classroom using the QR code with your learners.


Follow these steps:


Step 1: Navigate to Classroom on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.


Go to Classroom


Step 2: Click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon and select Send from the menu.


Click Send from the additional setting menu


Step 3: Switch to QR Code and click Download QR Code to download and share the QR with learners. You can take its printout and pin it from where trainees can quickly scan and check into the classroom.


Click Download QR Code


Classroom Login Screen on a mobile device after scanning the QR code:


Classroom Login Screen


That is all about sharing a course or a classroom using a unique QR code.



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