How to Share a Course Folder


ProProfs Training Maker allows you to share courses with your instructors to collaborate in real-time. You can club the courses into a folder and share that folder with your instructors. The feature enables multiple instructors to have the right to edit or view a standard set of courses. So, multiple instructors can administer the same courses to diverse groups of learners.


Here’s what a shared course folder will look like to an instructor:

Folder shared with an instructor


Benefits of sharing a course folder in ProProfs Training Maker:


  • Collaboration: Instructors and team members can collaborate on creating and managing courses in a shared folder.

  • Access and permissions: You can control who can view, edit, or delete the contents of a shared folder.

  • Organization: You can organize your courses into different folders based on topics, categories, projects, or difficulty levels.


To share a course folder in ProProfs Training Maker, follow these steps:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, go to More > Folders. 


Go to More then choose Folders

Step 2: Click “Create New Folder.


Click Create New Folder


Step 3: Follow the three-step process: (i) Enter the folder name, (ii) Select the courses to add, and (iii) Hover over the folder and click “Invite.”

Click Invite to share folders with instructors


If you have already created a folder, click the three vertical dots (kebab menu icon) next to the course folder to access additional settings and click Share.

Share a folder


Step 4: Choose the instructors you want to share the courses with and set their permissions. Click “Assign” to complete the process.


Pick the instructors to share the folder with and assign permissions


The shared folder will now be visible on the selected instructors’ dashboards.


Shared course folder on the dashboard


They can access the courses within the folder and perform actions based on their assigned permissions. For example, if an instructor only has “View” permission, they will not be able to edit the course.


Courses added in the folder for sharing


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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