How to Share a Course Folder

ProProfs Training Maker allows you to share courses with your instructors so you can collaborate in real time. You can club the courses into a folder and share that folder with your instructors. The feature enables multiple instructors to have rights to edit or view a common set of courses. So, multiple instructors can administer same courses to diverse groups of learners.  


Here's how to share a course folder:



Step 1: Log into your account and click "Courses," then select "Manage Folders."Manage Folders


Step 2: Select a folder to share and click "Invite."


Step 3: i) You can share a folder with multiple instructors at the same time, select all the instructors you want to share the folder with.

ii) Select an instructor and choose appropriate role under "Permissions."

iii) Click "Assign" to share the folder.

Share Setting Check Box

Step 4: A pop-up will show how many instructors have been invited to the folder. Click "Done," to go back to your dashboard.



Step 5: When your instructors log in, they can access the shared folders.











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