How to View an Instructor's Account As a Super Admin


In ProProfs Training Maker, you can access an instructor’s account to view & manage courses created by the instructor from your super admin account.


The ability to access an instructor’s account lets you:


1. Have complete control of that account and perform actions such as adding users, creating folders, and even creating a new course

2. Get a summarized view of courses created by instructors

3. Make edits as and when required without needing to bother the instructor


How to View Instructor Courses From Your Super Admin Account:


Step 1: Go to More and click Instructors on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.


Navigating to Instructors from the Training Maker dashboard as a super admin


Step 2: Click the "eye" icon to open an instructor’s account


Viewing an instructor's account as a super admin


Step 3: A list of all courses created by that instructor appears.


Select any course to view, edit, or delete using the respective buttons.


Accessing a course and other elements on that account as a super admin


You can also share a course added by that instructor with learners.


Use the share button in the "Send" column to share courses on the instructor’s behalf.


Sharing a course with learners added to that account on instructor's behalf as a super admin



That is all about accessing courses in an instructor’s account from a super admin account.



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