How to Send Learners to Your Website at the End of a Course


ProProfs Training Maker lets you redirect learners to a custom URL after they complete a course. Moreover, you can enable the logout link to send them to the course start page or a third-party URL. 

The only difference will be that the option to log out will always be there, irrespective of the course progress. 


Here's a sample of how redirection to a custom URL, in this case, the ProProfs Training Maker website, would look like.


Preview of sending users to your website


To send learners to your website at the end of a course:


Step 1: Go to Settings (1) General (2) of a course.


Go to General Settings of a course


Step 2: Locate "Show custom message" under Presentation on this page. Add your message and website link in the text field. 


Note: You must enable the "Customize Completion Page" option to add a custom message.


Add a custom message in the text field and provide the link to send learners to a particular webpage


Click Save once you're done. 


Here's how the course completion page with a custom message and a link will look like.


Course completion page with a custom message and a link


Alternatively, you can add the "Logout" option to send learners either to your course start page or a custom URL every time they sign out.


To do that,

1. Go to Settings General of a course.

2. Locate "Show "Logout" link" under Presentation and choose "Logout to custom URL"  from the dropdown menu and provide the link in the box.  


Add a logout link on your course




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