How to Set Password & Accessibility for Your Courses


Passwords enable users to access accounts securely. In ProProfs Training Maker, you can set/reset passwords and manage other accessibility options to optimize the workflow of your user groups. You can also change the password and send the updated login credentials to users.


Here’s what private course access with a link & password will look like to users.


Private access to a course with link and password


Security options in ProProfs Training Maker let you make a course private and restrict unwanted users from accessing it.


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Set Password for Your Courses

2. How to Change the Password

3. How to Remove a Course From Google Search Results


How to Set Password for Your Courses


Step 1: On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, navigate to a course and click the “Settings” icon.


Go to a course settings


Step 2: In course settings,


  • Switch to Security (1).

  • Select the Security Setting as Private (2).

  • Select the Private access with a link & course password” (3) option and enter a password. (This option will set the same password for all the users in the classroom.)


Click Save when finished.


Enable Private Access with Link & Password


Your course is now password-protected and will only be accessible to the group users.


To share the link and course password with all the users:


  • Go to Courses, click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon, and select Send.


Share the course


  • In the Email section, click Add Users, select All, and click Done.

  • Specify the password for the course.

  • Click “Send Course/Classroom Link.”


Select Recipients


A confirmation message will be displayed like this.


Confirmation message




  • Select thePrivate access for selected users & groupsoption and go to manage users. (This option lets you assign a unique password for each user.)


Enable Private Access to Users or Groups


The login credentials are auto-generated when a user is added to a classroom. The instructor can share these login credentials with each user through email.


To do this,

  • Select a user from the list.


Select User


  • Click Email to share the login credentials with the added user.


Email Credentials


The user will receive the login credentials on his email like this.


Email received in the inbox


How to Change the Password


Step 1: On your Proprofs Training Maker dashboard, go to Users.


Step 2: Select the user whose password you want to change.


Select User


Step 3: In the User profile


  • Click Password.”

  • Enter the new password. Re-enter the password for confirmation.

  • Click Change Password.”


Change Password for the User


You will get a flash message on a successful password update.


Password Update Confirmation


The logged-in users cannot view their passwords. However, users can reset their current password if they can’t remember it from the login window.


  • Click Forgot Password,” enter your email, and click Send.”


Click Forgot Password


  • Enter your email and click Continue.


Enter Email


  • You will receive the reset password email. Click Reset Password.


Password reset email

  • Enter a new password, re-enter to confirm, and click Continue.


Enter new password


 How to Remove a Course From Google Search Results


If you mark your course as “private,” it will not appear in Google or other search engines. Private courses are only visible to those you share the quiz’s URL with.


If the course was first public and then marked as private, it’s possible that Google indexed it earlier. We add the “noindex” and “nofollow” directives for Google (and other search engines) on private courses, so next time it refreshes, it should remove the course from search (a process that can take a few days or can also be done instantly - depends on Google).


If you want it to be removed immediately, you can:


  1. Password-Protected course - Even if someone finds it, they cannot access it without knowing the password. Keep the password simple and shared across all course takers.
  2. Copy the course, mark the copy private, and delete the old one. However, you would lose the course taker’s data of attempts, reports & stats in this case.


That is all about configuring course accessibility in ProProfs Training Maker.



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