How to Set a Reminder for Course Due Date





ProProfs Training Maker provides you with the option to send reminders to your users who have crossed their due date on courses. The Reminders & Compliance feature allows you to: 

  • Set a date by which you want the course to be completed 
  • Ensure high course completion rates by automating reminders
  • Set a date by which course certification expires 
  • Ensure ongoing compliance by defining what happens when course certification expires


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Set Course Completion Due Dates and Automate Reminders

2. How to Create Compliance Training Certification


 How to Set Course Completion Due Dates and Automate Reminders


Step 1: Go to the course settings you want to set a reminder for. It will take you to the General tab by default.


Go to the Course Settings


Step 2: Scroll down to Due Date & Reminders.


Scroll Down to Due Date & Reminders


Step 3: Set a specific date for course completion. Also, you can activate an email reminder and set it to be sent to your learners before the due date arrives. More than one reminders can be added by clicking Add Reminder. Edit the Email Template to create a customized reminder email.


 How to Create Compliance Training Certification





You can also set an expiration date for your course. Once expired, you can either choose to do nothing or allow reattempt for your learners. If you want, you can set email notifications for your learners and yourself regarding course expiration. There's an email Sample that you can edit to create a customized email notification.


Set Specific Date


Alternatively, instead of setting a completion date and expiration date, you can set a time period as the duration of the course. Similarly, you can set an expiration time as well.


Set Time Period






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