How to Set Course & Chapter Availability for Your Course


Using the Availability and Drip setting, you can control when a course becomes available to your learners. You can also set the availability of individual chapters within the course. When a course or chapter becomes available, your learners will receive email notifications (Drips) to let them know.


This is what the Drip (email notification) will look like for learners when a new chapter becomes available for them to access:


Email notification or the Drip about the availability of a new chapter


Until the chapter becomes available, the learner will see the following screen if they try to access the locked chapter:


Chapter locked. It will be available after a set period


Benefits of controlling the availability of courses and chapters:


1. Flexible Availability: Control the timing of course access to align with your desired schedule.


2. Controlled Content Release: Unlock chapters gradually or based on milestones, providing a structured learning experience.


3. Enhanced Engagement: Email notifications keep learners informed and motivated, prompting them to explore new course content.



To Use Availability and Drip for Courses and Chapters:


Step 1: Open a course setting and go to Drip. The course and chapter availability will be set to Always by default.


Go to Drip in a Course Setting to control the course & chapter availability


Step 2: For course availability,


  • You can also set it according to the date and time, as shown in the screenshots below. According to date (you can even change the time zone in case some of your learners are in different time zones and you want to check them out):


  • According to time (you can set it according to the year, month, week, and day):


Set Course Availability


Step 3: To configure chapter availability, click Set Time Period to make them available according to the time and go to Manage Availability.


Set time period and click Manage Availability


Step 3.1: In the Set Chapter Availability Dates dialog, you can send the Drip in the following ways:


  • Days after Enrollment- Set the number of days after the learner starts the course
  • After Specific Date- Set a date after which the chapter will be available for learners


Set the number of days or fix a date after which the chapter will be available


Step 3.2: You can edit the email template for your preferred method by clicking Edit Email. In the Edit Email Template dialog, you can do the following:


1. Turn on/off the notification email for learners

2. Edit the email subject and body. Learners can click Start Chapter to access the latest unlocked content.

3. Send a test email to see what the email looks like


Click Done to implement your changes.


Customize the email template to be sent to the learners informing them about the availability of the new chapter


Step 4: Click "X" to close the dialog and save your course setting using the Save button.  




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