How to Set Course & Chapter Availability for My Course


You can decide when you want a course to be available to your learners by using the Availability and Drip setting. You can also separately set the chapter availability within that particular course. Your learners will be notified through email notifications (Drips) when a course/chapter becomes available for them.


Here's how to use Availability and Drip for courses and chapters:


Step 1: Go to a course's Settings >> General and locate the Availability and Drip setting. If you want, you can keep your course and its chapters available always, as shown below.


Online course settings


Step 2: For course availability, you can also set it according to date and time, as shown in the screenshots below.


According to date (you can even change the time zone in case some of your learners are in different time zones and you want to check them out):

Set dates for course availability


According to time (you can set it according to the year, month, week, and day):

Set time for course availability


Step 2.1: For chapter availability, you can make them available according to the time period. Click Set Time Period.


Set time for chapter availability


Step 2.2: Set the number of days from enrollment after which a particular chapter becomes available to your learners. An email notification will be automatically sent to your learners when the said chapter is available. If you want, you can edit the email template as well.


Chapter availability time


Step 2.3: While editing the email, you can enable or disable the email notification for this particular chapter from here. Customize the body of the email based on your requirement (include chapter and course names). Your learners can click Start Chapter to open this particular chapter from within the email itself. Finally, click Done and go back to the Set Chapter Availability Dates screen.


Edit email notification for chapter availability


Step 2.4: To make sure all the changes are saved, click Done.


Chapter availability for online course




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