How to Restrict Repeat Attempts on a Course


Restricting repeated attempts on a course can ensure learners engage with your course materials and assessments in a meaningful way. ProProfs Training Maker makes it easy to limit attempts on a course in the settings. 


You can prevent cheating or plagiarism while taking a course by restricting attempts.


Here's how you can configure the number of attempts:


Step 1: Go to Settings, and select from the "Number of Attempts Allowed" dropdown under the "General" tab.


 Select from the Number of Attempts Allowed


Step 2: Enable user data capture, such as name & email, under "Tracking" in the "Security" tab of settings. If an attempt with the same name or email ID comes in, it is regarded as a repeat attempt by the same user.


Enabled Email (or Name) Capture


Step 3: Save your course settings.


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