How to Configure Your Online Course Settings


ProProfs Training Maker lets you customize course settings, including the number of reattempts, setting compliance, adding due dates & sending reminders, enabling security, and more.


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General Settings


You can customize the following options under the General tab:


Order: Using the drag-and-drop method, you can reorder chapter(s)/page(s) in your course.


Attempts: You can set the allowed attempts per user based on your preferences.


Presentation: You can add your logo, add chapter numbers, and enable/disable the logout link. Additionally, you can customize the course completion page and choose to show the course completion certificate to learners. Other settings include adding social media links and adding a custom message.


Due Date & Reminders: You can set a specific date or period to complete the course. Also, add an email reminder that will shoot automatically at your set preference.


Compliance & Reminders: You can set course compliance by setting the expiration time till the certification remains valid. Once the certificate expires, you can enable reattempt & also set email notifications for the same for yourself & learner.




Here, you can define the conditions for the course & chapter availability




Customize the following options in this section:


Security: You can change the course to private or public. 


Browser Security: You can modify browser-level settings, enabling/disabling download, print, copy, and IP-based security. 


Note: If you enable print, it's important to note that not all parts of a typical course are print-friendly, such as there is no way to print videos. However, you can always download and print parts of a course such as PDFs, excel sheets, etc. 


Tracking: You can select what information you can collect from learners using the lead generation form.




Here you customize notification settings related to your course. 


Market & Sell


Create online courses and leverage our eCommerce store to sell them. Create a seller's account, set the price, and voila! Your course is up for purchase.




Customize the look & feel of your course to match your brand guidelines.




You can integrate seamlessly with leading email marketing & CRM software to use the collected data for marketing purposes.




The section gives you control over numerous aspects related to your course. They are:


Autoplay Videos: Enable/disable to play video automatically on a page.

Discussion: Enable learners to discuss while taking the course.

Sidebar: Show/hide table of contents.

Skipping Pages: Enable/disable learners from jumping course pages.

Hide Chapters: You can choose to hide chapters from learners.

Quizzes & Surveys Mandatory: Make them mandatory for learners.

Min. time on page: Set a minimum time for learners to spend before they can move to the next page.

Minimum time to complete the course: Set the minimum time for learners to complete your course.

Change Language: Select the interface language of your choice.


That is all about the course settings in the ProProfs Training Maker.



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