How to Change the Language of a Course


ProProfs Training Maker allows you to change the interface language of a course or enable learners to choose their preferred language. The course will then be automatically translated into the selected language.


This feature promotes global accessibility of courses and removes language barriers to learning. With over 70 languages, including English and Spanish, you can make your training course available to learners in specific regions.


By changing the language, instructors can share their courses with learners in various locations.


NOTE: The language change settings will translate specific text and buttons to the selected language.


Alternatively, if your course is available to learners from different parts of the world, you can provide an option for them to choose their preferred language. This allows learners to navigate through the course seamlessly in their native language.


Below is a glimpse of a course in Spanish with the interface language changed to Spanish:


Screen 1: Starting the Course


Course Preview in the Spanish Language


Screen 2: Navigating inside the course


Course Preview in the Spanish Language


The following article guides you through the following:


1) How to Change the Interface Language of a Course

2) How to Allow Learners to Change a Course Language

3) How to Give Suggestions to Improve Course Translation


 How to Change the Interface Language of a Course

Step 1: In your ProProfs Training Maker account,


  • Hover over a course and click “Edit.” 

  • Go to “Settings.



Go to Course Settings


Alternatively, click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon and select “Settings.


Go to Course Settings


Step 2: Navigate to “Advance” at the end of the top navigation bar.


Switch to the Advance tab


Step 3: Scroll down to “Language.” Choose your preferred language from the list.


Choose a language.


You can choose from over 70 languages, including English & Spanish.


 How to Allow Learners to Change a Course Language


ProProfs Training Maker allows learners to choose their preferred language before starting a course. With this feature, learners can explore the content in a language they're most comfortable with.


As instructors, you can enable the language selection option in your course settings to let learners select their preferred language from the options available and start their learning journey!


Check how:


Step 1: Go to a course setting and switch to Advance.


Go to Advance setting of a course


Step 2: Scroll down to the Language setting and enable "Allow learners to choose course language."


Step 3: Save your settings. 


Enable the option for learners to choose a language at the beginning of a course


Now, when learners access a course, they will find an option to switch to their preferred language before beginning. Once a language is selected, the course content will automatically be translated. This allows learners to engage with the material in the most comfortable language.


The GIF shows a learner changing the course language from English to Spanish for better accessibility.


 How to Improve Course Translation in Different Languages


We support over 70 languages. The buttons and associated text (such as the “Start Course” button) are automatically translated to the language you define in the “Language Setting” of a course. We use a state-of-the-art translation service. However, we are glad to make improvements based on your suggestions.


If you request an alternate improved text, please post your suggestion. On our Contact page, choose "Suggestion" as the purpose. We will certainly incorporate your valuable suggestions and implement new features. However, please note that we cannot make language changes specific to your course.


You can send suggestions for the text that applies to all courses so that we can improve the Training Maker for all of our users from your country.


That is all about changing the language of a course and making suggestions for improvements to the translation.



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