How to Add Learners to a Classroom


One of the benefits of ProProfs Training Maker is that you can centralize training for large groups of learners. In this article, we will explore how to add learners to ProProfs Classroom manually and through the API, add learners without email addresses, and set expiry dates for learner accounts. 


These step-by-step instructions will help you streamline the process and ensure effective online classroom management.


Before proceeding, you can watch our quick video guide on how to train a group of learners.



Skipped the video? No worries; we'll take you through our step-by-step guide.


Also, here's a use case of online classroom management.


Imagine you are an HR manager responsible for employee training in a retail organization. With ProProfs Classroom, you can easily add new hires to your training programs, track their progress, and ensure the timely completion of courses. You can also set expiry dates for learner accounts to manage limited-time access for seasonal staff or temporary employees. ProProfs Classroom simplifies the training management process, making it efficient and convenient for HR professionals.


Key benefits of ProProfs Classroom:


1. Streamlined learner management: Easily add, assign, and organize learners in ProProfs Classroom, simplifying the training administration process and ensuring efficient learner management.

2. Seamless integration with API: The API feature enables effortless enrollment of large groups of learners, eliminating manual registration and saving time and effort.

3. Flexible user management options: ProProfs Classroom allows you to accommodate learners without email addresses, providing them with username/password access and enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in your training programs.


Here are some ways to add learners to your classroom:


How to Add Learners to Classroom Manually


If you want to add a few learners to your classroom, you can do it manually by following these steps:


Step 1: Once you’ve created a classroom, you’ll be prompted to add users. Click Add Users.


Click Add Users to add new users to your classroom


Step 2: In the Add Users dialog, 


1. Enter the name, email/ID, and password (optional) of the user. 

2. Click the plus icon (+) to add multiple users.

3. Select the group in which you wish to add the user

4. Select the course to assign 

5. Click Done



Alternatively, you can bulk import user details from your Gmail or Microsoft accounts or upload an Excel file. Go to Import to download a sample file.

Upload users in bulk



How to Auto-Enroll Learners Using API


If you have large groups of learners to train, enrolling them via API is ideal. With the help of API, you can auto-register users to the classroom on the fly without even logging into ProProfs. You need to simply call our API with learners’ details, such as their email/ID, name, password, group details, etc., and learners will automatically register to your classroom.


Read ProProfs REST API Guide (Register New User In Classroom), which contains the technical documentation and example files.


To begin the process, you need the API key, which you can find on your Account page, as shown in the image below. Navigate to the User Icon in the top-right corner > click My Account.


Get the API Key


How to Add Learners Without an Email


ProProfs online classroom helps you manage learners by adding them as users or into groups using their email addresses.


However, in some cases, learners may not have email addresses. For example, in retail organizations where employee turnover is high or in educational institutions where students use IDs instead of emails.


To tackle such cases, ProProfs allows you to add users to your classroom even if they do not have email addresses.


You can easily create user accounts for learners without email addresses. In such cases, learners log in using a username and password. The username can be anything relevant to the scenario, such as an ID, roll number, student ID, employee ID, or even the student’s name.


Note: You can modify the login form on the welcome screen under Classroom settings so that the start screen prompts users for an ID/username in place of an email address, as shown in the image below:

Login form

Follow the steps below to add users to classrooms with their IDs:


Step 1: Go to users in the classroom and then click "New User."


Add a new user to the classroom


Step 2: In the Add Users dialog, enter the desired IDs of the learners you want to add. If you have more than one ID, separate them with a comma. Alternatively, you can bulk import user details from an Excel file.


Note: If you enter multiple IDs, they will be added as Guest Users. You can assign them names individually in the Edit User section.


Enter users without Email


Continue the steps of assigning courses and groups to the new learners, as explained earlier.


How to Set an Expiry Date for a Learner Account in the Classroom


With ProProfs Training Maker, you can easily set user accounts to expire after a specific date. This helps improve security and manage limited-time access. Follow these methods to set expiry dates:


Method 1: Upload Expiration Dates for Users during Bulk Upload

  • When uploading user details to a CSV/Excel file, include expiration dates.


Set expiration date for multiple users


Method 2: Change the Expiration Date in User's Classroom Profile

1. Access your classroom and click on "Users."

2. Search for the user and click on the name to edit.

3. Click "Show More" in the user's profile.


Open additional details to edit


4. Scroll down to the "Expiration Date" section, select "Expires on the date" from the dropdown, and click "Apply."


Set an expiration date on a user profile


Tip: For multiple users, use the first method mentioned above to set expiration dates more efficiently.


That's all about adding learners to a classroom. If you have any more questions, you can reach out to our support team for resolution. 


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