How to Assign a Course to Learners Using Classroom



Centralizing training to large groups of learners is super easy. Just add them as users in your online classroom and then assign them to courses, track learning progress, set user account expiry dates, and much more. Here are step-by-step instructions:


How to Add Learners to Classroom Manually

It's easy to add new learners to your classroom and quickly assign them to courses, groups, and other course materials. 


To add learners to your Training Maker classroom: 


Step 1. Once you've created a classroom, you'll be prompted to add users. Click Add Users.


Add Users


Step 3. Now create unique usernames for your learners and click "Next."


In case you are adding a bunch of them, you can bulk import user details from your Gmail or Microsoft accounts or can upload an Excel file. Click on the Excel button to download a sample file. 

Create Unique Usernames




















Step 4. Assign the new learners to a group and click "Next."


Assign the New Learners


























Step 5. Select courses that you want to assign to your new learners and click "Next." After this step click on "Done" to finish adding the new learners. 


Select Courses


How to Auto-Enroll Learners to Classroom Using API


When you have large groups of learners to train, enrolling them via API is ideal. API feature comes with our Enterprise plan


With the help of API, you can auto-register users to the classroom on the fly, without even logging into ProProfs. You need to simply call our API with learners' details such as their email/ID, name, password, group details, etc. and learners will automatically register to your classroom.


Read ProProfs REST API Guide (Register New User In Classroom), which contains the technical documentation and example files. 


To begin the process, you require the API key, which you can find on your Account page as shown in the image below.


Click on Edit Icon

How to Add Learners Without an Email to Classroom


ProProfs online classroom helps you manage learners by adding them as users or into groups, using their email addresses.


However, in retail organizations where employee churn is high or even in educational institutions, sometimes learners do not have email addresses. To tackle such cases, ProProfs allows you to add users to your classroom, even if they do not have email addresses.


You can easily create user accounts for learners without email addresses. In such cases, learners login using username & password. The username can be anything relevant to the scenario such as an ID, roll number, student ID, employee ID or even the student's name.


Note: You can also change the security settings of your classroom, so that the start screen of the classroom prompts users for an Id/username instead of the email address, as shown in the image below:


Log in























Follow the steps below to add users to classrooms with their Ids:


Step 1. Go to the classroom and then click on "Add New User."


Add New Users













Step 2. Now add the desired Id. If you need to add more than one user, separate the Ids with a comma or use the "bulk upload feature."


Add the Desired Id




















You can continue the steps to assign the new learners courses and groups as shown earlier.  


How to Set an Expiry Date for a Learner Account in Classroom

With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can easily set user accounts to expire after a specific date and improve security. Setting limited-time access using the expiration field finds application in high churn environments such as retail & manufacturing. It is also useful in scenarios where customers or employees need limited-time access and eradicates the need for manually disabling user accounts.

There are two ways to set expiration dates:


Method 1: Upload expiration dates for users during bulk upload.


You can also add expiration dates of the users in the CSV/Excel file while uploading their details. 

Upload Expiration Dates for Users

Method 2: Change Expiration Date In User's Classroom Profile.


Advanced tip: It is easier to set expiration dates for many users at once by following the first method mentioned above. To set the expiration date for a single user or less than ten users, use the classroom as explained in the steps below:


Step 1. Once you're in your classroom, click on "Users."




Step 2. Search for the user you want to set the expiration date for and click on the "Edit" icon.


Click on Edit Icon


Step 3. Scroll down and under "Expiration," set the expiration date. Finally, save the changes you've made.


Set the Expiration Date



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