How to Brand a Course & Customize a Theme


ProProfs Training Maker lets you add your company branding and modify the theme of your course. By doing so, you can maintain the look & feel of your brand in your courses.


Watch this quick video guide to learn about various theme options.


Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.

Benefits of branding a course and modifying the theme:

  • Generate user interest by increasing a course’s authenticity

  • Maintain consistency in using recognizable brand elements


How to Brand a Course and Use Other Theme Options


Step 1: Go to Settings >> Theme in the editor.


Go to Settings >> Theme


Step 2: Follow the screenshot instructions to customize your course.


Theme Design Options


1. Logo: You can use the default logo or upload a custom logo to brand your course. For best results, please upload the logo in the recommended size.


Add a custom logo


Here’s what a company's branding will look like on a course.


Company branding on a course


2. Click Customize to modify the theme.


Step 3: You can edit the following.


Customize theme elements


1. Background: You can change the background image and adjust its scaling.


2. Font Family and Size: You can choose the preferred font from the list and adjust the size.


3. Color: There are two components:

  • You can edit the course title and button color in the Course View.


Edit the course view

  • You can edit the title, text, and button color in the Create View.


Edit the create view


Step 4.1: Click Save to finalize the changes. You can save multiple themes by clicking Save Theme, which will appear under User Theme.


Step 4.2: Similarly, you can pick any theme from the Library to use directly or customize and save it as your theme.


That is all about adding the company branding and customizing a course theme.

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