How to Brand a Course & Customize a Theme


ProProfs Training Maker lets you add your company branding and modify the theme of your course. By doing so, you can maintain the look & feel of your brand in your courses.


Watch this quick video guide to learn about various theme options.


Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.

Benefits of branding a course and modifying the theme:

  • Generate user interest by increasing a course’s authenticity

  • Maintain consistency in using recognizable brand elements


How to Brand a Course and Use Other Theme Options


Step 1: Go to Settings (1) > Theme (2) in the editor.


Go to Settings > Theme


Step 2: On this screen, you will find the option to upload a logo (1), customize the current theme (2), choose a theme from the library (3), or select an already customized theme (4).


Let's take you through each option.


Theme Design Options


1. Logo: You can use the default logo or upload a custom logo to brand your course. For best results, please upload the logo in the recommended size.


Add a custom logo


Here’s what a company's branding will look like on a course.


Company branding on a course


2. Click Customize to modify the theme.


Step 3: You can edit the following.


A. You can change the background image (1) and adjust its scaling.


B. You can choose the preferred font (2) from the list and adjust the size (3).


C. You can modify the color (4) of the following elements by switching between the Course/Create View (5). 


Change the course title and button color in the "Course View." In the "Create View" tab, you can edit the title, text, and button color.


Customize theme elements


Step 4.1: Click Save to finalize the changes. You can save multiple themes by clicking Save Theme, which will appear under User Theme.


Step 4.2: Similarly, you can use any theme from the Library directly or customize and save it as your theme.


That is all about adding the company branding and customizing a course theme.

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