How to Sort User Reports



In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Sort Reports by Name or Email

2. How to View & Sort Learners Based on the Time Spent on a Course

3. How to Download Reports


 How to Sort Reports by Name or Email


Step 1: On the "My Courses' page, click on "Reports"

Click on the Marks Obtained to Access Reports


Step 2: Select "Name", to sort learners according to their names

Check Name

Step 3: Select "Name", to sort learners according to their names

Check Email


 How to View & Sort Learners Based on the Time Spent on a Course 


By accessing the course reports, you see the time taken by learners for an entire course.
Step 1: Click on "Reports"



Step 2: "Time Taken" column shows the total time taken to complete the course.


Check Time Taken


 How to Download Reports


Step 1: Click on the download button to download the reports.




Additionally, you have several options that enable you to customize the way reports are presented. For example, you can choose to display up to 1500 report entries by clicking the Show dropdown list, as shown in the screenshot below.


Show Entries


Step 2: Select which column you want to be displayed on the reports screen by clicking the Columns dropdown list.


Select Column


You can further sort the reports by the number of days; for example, reports from the last 7 days, 14 days, and so on. To do that, click the All-time dropdown list. You can even enter specific dates, depending on your requirements, to extract reports.


Select All Time


For adding a note in a report for a learner, navigate towards the right to the last column titled Notes and click the edit icon below it.


Edit Notes


Step 3: Write a note in the text box provided and click Save.








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