How to Sort Course Reports


ProProfs Training Maker lets you quickly view and analyze course reports on a single screen. You can sort reports by name, email, progress, or time taken to gain better insights.


Here's what a course report screen will look like:


Course Report Preview


This article covers:

1. Sorting Reports by Name or Email

2. Viewing & Sorting Learners Based on the Time Spent on a Course

3. Downloading Reports


How to Sort Reports by Name or Email


1. Click the number under a course's "Reports" column on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.


Click the number to view reports


2.1 On the Reports page, click the "First Name" or "Last Name" label to sort learner reports according to their names in ascending or descending order. 


Sort learners according to their names


2.2 Similarly, you can click the Email label to sort learners according to their email addresses in ascending or descending order.


Sort learners according to their email adresses


2.3 Click the Time Taken label to sort the learners based on the time spent on the course in ascending or descending order.


Sort learners based on the time they spend on the course


 How to Download Reports


1. Click the download icon to download the course report.


Download reports


Additionally, several options enable you to customize how reports are presented. For example, you can display up to 1500 report entries by clicking the Show dropdown list in the screenshot below.


Show Entries


2.1 To choose the columns on the reports screen, click the Columns dropdown list.


Show/hide columns from the report table


2.2 You can further sort the reports by the number of days; for example, reports from the last seven days, 14 days, etc. To do that, click the All-time dropdown list. Depending on your requirements, you can even enter specific dates to extract reports.


Select the duration for which you want to view the course report


2.3 Lastly, you can add a note to a learner's report. Go to the rightmost column, Notes, and click the edit icon below it.


Add note to a learner report


Write a note in the text box provided and click Save.


Write the note


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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