How to Prevent URL Loading Errors at the Firewall Level


ProProfs Training Maker is committed to providing uninterrupted service to its users. One of the ways they ensure continuous service is through URL whitelisting, which helps to provide a greater user experience. To provide content delivery network services and security, ProProfs Training Maker uses CloudFlare. 


This article talks about resolving issues such as a URL failing to load and, more specifically, a URL giving an error while loading a video. Such an issue can be resolved by unblocking or removing any restrictions on certain URLs on your security firewall.


What kind of errors can be encountered if a URL is not whitelisted?


Let's take an example of a video not loading. For instance, an Amazon S3 URL would either show an infinite loading sequence or give an error if it is blocked at your end, as shown in the screenshots below:


An infinite loading sequence of a video URL may look like this:


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A video URL giving an error may look like this:


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These issues can be corrected by whitelisting the concerned URLs at your end.



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