How to Delete Users and Their Reports


With GDPR in effect from 25th May 2018, users can enact the Right to Erasure (or Right to be forgotten) to request the data controller to erase their data. Training Maker allows administrators to remove their end-user's data to help serve users' data rights. 


Learn more about GDPR and the right to erasure.


Note: Deleting a user will wipe out their entire data, including their quiz or course reports.


By allowing admins to delete users & their reports:



In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Delete Users

2. How to Delete Course Reports


 How to Delete Users


Step 1: Navigate to Users on your Training Maker dashboard. The user list will open.


Click Users on the training maker dashboard


Step 2: Search for a user using the search box and open their profile.


Search for a user


Step 3: Click Delete to erase the user's data from the server.


Click Delete


You'll see the following pop-up. Click Delete to confirm the erasure.


Confirm the deletion


Delete Multiple Users at Once


You can remove the data of more than one user at once using the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Users on the training maker dashboard.


Step 2: Select the checkbox at the beginning of the user(s) name. Click the Delete icon and confirm.


Delete multiple users


 How to Delete Course Reports


If you only want to delete the course reports of a user, you can do so with the following method:


Step 1: Go to Users Open a User Profile > Hover your cursor over Reports. A drop-down menu will open.


Open User Reports


Step 2: Click Courses Taken to view reports of the courses the user has completed.


Click Courses Taken


Step 3: Select the checkbox of the course report you wish to remove and click Delete.


Delete the report


You will see the following screen. Click Delete to confirm.


Click Delete to confirm


Delete a User's Course Report 


Step 1: Go to Reports of a course in your ProProfs Training Maker account. 


Go to Reports

Step 2: Select the user(s) whose course report you wish to erase and click the Delete icon. 


Select the user(s) and click Delete


Step 3: Click Yes to confirm. 


You have successfully deleted the course reports of multiple users.


That is all about deleting users & their reports.



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