How to Embed YouTube Videos in a Course


Step 1: Go to "My Courses".


My Courses

Step 2: Click on "Edit Course".


Edit Course

Step 3: Click on "Embed Media" in the Course Description box.


Click on Embed Media

Step 4: For getting the embed code of a "YouTube" video follow the steps below:


Step 4 (i): Go to a page on YouTube that has your video and click on "Share".


Step 4 (ii): Click on Embed and check on  "Use old embed code" and uncheck "Include related videos" and "Enable privacy-enhanced mode" options and copy the embed code generated.


Step 5: Now, paste this embed code in the box and click on "OK".


Paste the Embed Code

Step 6: Save changes and check to see if the YouTube video has been added to your course.




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