How to Brand a Course and Embed It on Your Website


Branding a course adds authenticity and increases the credibility of your content. The simplest way to brand your courses is to embed them on your site. That way, the embedded part runs inside your existing templates and becomes a part of your website’s content.


We recommend you add a custom logo and modify the theme to resonate with your website. Don’t forget to check Brand a Course & Use Theme Capabilities.


You can easily embed the course on your website so that learners can take the course without leaving your site.


Benefits of embedding a course:


Your audience will not find out how you created the course, as it will look like a part of your website content.


Also, any changes you make to your course (such as editing questions) immediately appear in the embedded version without re-installing the embed code.


How to Brand a Course by Embedding it on Your Website


Step 1: On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, click on the send icon of the course you want to embed.


Click Send icon


Step 2: Go to the Embed (1) tab, select the size (2) of your choice, and copy the code (3) given in the box.


Copy the Embed code and paste in into your website's HTML


You can paste the above code into your website’s HTML code at a location you desire. And you’re good to go!


Alternative methods to brand your course:


If you wish to run the course under ProProfs; you can


1. Brand your certificate

2. Brand your online classroom


That is all about branding a course by embedding it on your site.



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