How to Embed a Course on WordPress


Embed courses you create with ProProfs Training Maker on your WordPress website or blog. Follow these simple steps to share a course with your visitors.


Here's what an embedded course on a WordPress page will look like:


Preview of an embedded course on a WordPress site


Benefits of embedding a course on a WordPress site:


  • Seamless User Experience: Embedding a course on your WordPress site ensures a smooth learning experience without redirecting users to external platforms.
  • Increased Engagement: Interactive elements within the embedded course, such as quizzes and multimedia, boost user engagement and participation.
  • Branding and Customization: Embedding a course allows you to maintain your website’s branding and customize the appearance to align with your brand identity, creating a cohesive user experience.


To embed a course on WordPress:


Step 1: Click the send icon of a course on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard and switch to the Embed tab to get the embed code. Select the dimensions or enter a custom size and copy the code.



Step 2: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the page or post where you want to embed the HTML code. Click to open the one you want to edit.


Navigate to Posts or Pages on the WordPress dashboard


Step 3: Click the plus icon (+) to add a new block and search HTML in the search bar. Select Custom HTML.


If you are browsing all elements in the editor, you will find Custom HTML under Widgets.


Add the Custom HTML Block by clicking the plus icon


Step 4: Paste the code you've copied. You can preview it using the Preview button.


Paste the embed code


After adding, you can preview the page or post. Publish the changes once done.





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