How to Use Stream & Announcements


Stream in ProProfs Training Maker is a personalized learner dashboard where trainees get notifications and updates about courses or quizzes assigned, upcoming events, and so on.


Here's what the stream section looks like in the ProProfs Online Classroom.


Stream section of a learner


Benefits of streams & announcements in Training Maker:


  • Trainees never miss any updates from instructors

  • Instructors can quickly notify users related to specific or all groups/courses through announcements


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Use Stream

2. How to Use Announcements


  How to Use Stream


Step 1: On your instructor Training Maker account dashboard:


  • Go to ‘Classroom.’

  • Select a classroom to view as a learner. 

  • Select a learner from the list and hit the ‘Preview’ button.

Selecting a Learner to Access Stream


Step 2: Go to ‘Stream.’ 


Opening Stream


Here, you will chronologically see the updates concerning the user’s profile. 


Whenever the instructor assigns a new course/assessment to a learner or a group, makes an announcement, or adds any media to the library, it will show up in Stream.


Note: The library is a collection of optional courses & curated content, such as videos & articles, that your learners can access.


Stream section of a learner


 How to Use Announcements


Step 1: Go to More > Announcements.


Step 2: Fill in the information you wish to send out. Select the target users:


  • Select the group(s) to which you want to show the announcement

  • Select the course(s) in which trainees are enrolled if you’re going to keep it more specific.




Step 3: Choose to send the information right away, save it as a draft for the future, or schedule it for a later date & time.


When scheduling, you can even set the frequency of the announcement.


Scheduling an Announcement


Once posted, your announcement will reach the target users, and they can view it in their ‘Stream’ section.


That is all about Stream & Announcements features in the Training Maker.



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