How to Set up a Learning Path for Your Learners


The Learning Path enables you to define how a learner progresses through the courses. You can either create an Ordered learning path in which your learners take their courses in sequence or let them take the courses in No Order. Either way, they'll still have to finish all the courses included in their Learning Path.


Here is how a learning path assigned to a learner will appear to learners when they log into the ProProfs Online Classroom.


Learning Path assigned to a learner


Creating a Learning Path: A Step-by-Step Guide


Step 1: From your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, go to More and click Learning Path.


Go to Learning Path under More dropdown


Step 2: Click + Create Learning Path to get started.


Create a learning path


Step 3: Enter the name and description for the Learning Path, and add a cover image (optional). After that, proceed to include courses. 


Enter learning path details


Step 4: Add the relevant courses and click Done.


Add Courses


Step 5: You can decide whether your learning path is sequential or flexible. If you choose "Ordered," you’ll need to arrange the courses in a specific sequence for learners to follow. Click Done to finish.


Set the course order and make it mandatory or optional


Tip: In your learning path, you can make a course optional by unchecking it or mandatory by checking it.


Step 6: The new learning path has been created and appears as a dropdown on the Learning Path page.


New Learning Path


You can now assign this new learning path to individual users or even to groups.


Here's how you can assign a learning path to a user:


Step 7: Navigate to "Users" in the main menu. On the "Users" page, you can assign the learning path to a user. Alternatively, go to the "Groups" tab to assign it to a group.


Go to Users


Step 8: On the user profile, click + Courses.


Assign Courses


Step 9: Select the Learning Path you want to assign and save.


Select the learning path


To assign the learning path to a group:


1. Go to the Groups tab.

2. Select a group.

3. Go to Courses.

4. Click + Courses.


Assign learning path to a group


That's all about setting up a learning path for your learners. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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