How to Brand a Classroom


ProProfs allows you to add your branding and customize the look & feel of your centralized LMS portal according to your preferences.


You can quickly add a logo and modify the color scheme and other elements.


A classroom with a custom logo and theme would look like this.


Classroom with a Custom Logo and Theme


Why should you brand your classroom?


  • To add authenticity to your centralized LMS portal and promote courses & quizzes under your brand

  • To maintain design consistency with your overall brand


How to Brand a Classroom


Step 1: Click Classroom on your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard.


Step 2: Navigate to a classroom, click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon, and select Theme.


Step 3: Customize different aspects of your online classroom. Follow the screenshot instructions.


Edit a Classroom


Step 3.1: Click Welcome Screen. You can see different options to customize.


Welcome Screen Options


1. Login Form: Open Login Form. Here you can add the form title, add a description, enable Rename ID, and upload a logo. Once done, click Save on the top-right.


A login form with a custom logo will look like this.


Customize the Login Form


2. Registration Form: This option lets you modify the user registration procedure. Learn more.


3. Theme Settings: Under this option, you can edit the following:


Theme: Choose one from our library or My Themes.


Background: Change the background image and adjust its scaling. You can also add a solid color as the background.


Font: Pick a font type from the list and adjust the size.


Button: Modify the button & text color. You can also customize the Login Button Text.


Don’t forget to click Save to save all your changes.


Step 3.2: Click Dashboard. You can edit the look & feel of the logged-in view.


Customize Dashboard


  • Themes: Pick a theme from our library or use a custom theme saved under the My Themes section.


  • Background: Choose a background image from our library or search for one on Google/Pexels. You can even upload a local file or add a solid color as the background.


  • Font: Change the font type and adjust its size.


  • Button: Modify the button & text color. You can also customize the action button texts.


Click Save to save all your changes.


That is all about branding a classroom.



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