How to Use Group Join Codes for Self Enrollment


Instructors can save time and effort by using join codes to help learners easily self-register to one or many groups.


Note: ProProfs allows you to assign group administrators to manage learner groups easily. Watch this video tutorial to understand users and groups better.


Letting users self-enroll using group join codes helps you:


1. Keep learners segregated based on group requirements

2. Easily track activities and progress of group members


Note: Instructors can allow learners to self-register to save time and effort. Alternatively, they can also bulk upload users to groups and courses.


Here’s what the prompt for the join code at the time of self-registration would look like to learners:


Sign-up with Join Code


Here’s how you can see/edit group join codes:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Training Maker account,


  • Go to Users > Groups.
  • Select one group of which you want to see/edit the secret join code


Navigating to Groups in Classroom to access join code


Step 2: In your selected group,


  • Hover your cursor on Settings to view the join code of the group.


Accessing the group's secret join code


  • You will see the join code of this group. Click the pencil icon to edit it.


Editing the group join code


  • Once you have entered a new code, click Save.


Saving new join code


Now, you can share this code with learners via email, and they can enter it at the time of self-registration to join this group.



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