How to Assign Group Admins to My Learner Groups


ProProfs LMS allows you to assign a user as a group admin to manage a particular learner group. The feature comes in handy when you have a long list of learners in your LMS. 


Group admins can perform many tasks on your behalf, such as adding new learners to a group, viewing and sharing reports, sending reminders to learners, and much more. If managing multiple learner groups is challenging, assigning group admins can help you easily overcome it.


For example, the Sales manager can manage the sales team group. Or the General Manager can add/ remove users from a franchise location. 


Follow these steps to assign admins to a group:


Step 1: Navigate to "Users" -----> "Groups" -----> "Group Admins" and click "+Admin."


Navigate to Users > Groups > Group Admins


Step 2: Select the user(s) to add as group admin and click "Save" to secure the changes.


Choose a user to assign as Group Admin


Step 3:  To grant permission to an admin, click the "Manage Permissions" icon. 

Manage Permissions


Step 4: Check the box next to the permissions you wish to grant and click "Save" to implement the changes. 


Update Permissions


That is all about assigning group admins to your learner groups



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