How to Integrate Microsoft Teams With ProProfs Training Maker


ProProfs Training Maker integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. This integration lets instructors create meetings and automatically announce in your ProProfs Classroom learning events or meetings being held using Teams.


Learners receive instant notifications within their classroom to join the meeting.


Here’s a stream notification of a new meeting for a learner scheduled using Microsoft Teams.


Learner's view of MS Teams integration with ProProfs LMS

MS Teams integration lets you:


  • Create and announce meetings from within the ProProfs Training Maker

  • Conduct instructor-led training, assessments & feedback sessions

  • Learning, forums, and discussions - all in one place


How to Integrate Microsoft Teams With ProProfs Training Maker


Step 1: Head over to the Classroom you want to integrate and select “Edit” from the menu.


Go to Edit


Step 2: Switch to Integrations (1) and enable Microsoft Teams (2).


Enable Microsoft Teams in Integrations


Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account using your regular login ID. That’s it! You can now create meetings.


Click Create Meeting to add a new meeting.


Click Create Meeting


Step 4: Enter meeting details in the pop-up and click “Create Meeting” to save it.


Create meeting


Step 5: If you want to cancel the meeting, you can deactivate it. You can grab the meeting link by clicking “Copy” in case you want to invite people from outside the classroom.


Preview of a new meeting being added


Learners will be notified of the upcoming event in their classroom Stream.


MS Teams meeting notification in Stream


That is all about Microsoft Teams integration with ProProfs Training Maker.



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