How to Integrate Collaborate With Training Software


ProProfs Collaborate is a knowledge-sharing platform that enables thread-based as well as one-to-one discussions. This integration allows your learners to collaborate to discuss questions and spread peer wisdom.


Benefits of Integrating ProProfs Training Maker with ProProfs Collaborate:

  • Gives you a direct line of communication with the users of your classroom
  • Allows you to provide better feedback to your users
  • Ensures privacy when communicating with a certain user


Once you've integrated ProProfs Collaborate with Training Maker, your learners will be able to access Collaborate on their Dashboards as shown in the screenshot below. 




How to Integrate Collaborate With ProProfs Training Maker


Step 1: Go to Users---->Groups.


Check Users and Groups


Step 2: Create or choose a Group with the users you want to add to ProProfs Collaborate. Then enable Enable Discussion.


Enable Discussion


Note: Only members with their email IDs registered in Training Maker can access Collaborate. 


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