How to Integrate Zoom Meetings With ProProfs Classroom


ProProfs Training Maker integration with the business communication tool Zoom lets you schedule and hold Zoom meetings from within the Training Maker. You can conduct webinars and video conferences alongside online learning after this integration.


This integration can be extremely helpful to those who use ProProfs as their centralized learning system. You can manage asynchronous learning courses and live interactive sessions without the need to log in to two different tools.


Benefits of Zoom Meetings integration with ProProfs Classroom:


  • Single Sign-on: Through SSO, learners can join Zoom meetings from within their ProProfs classrooms. There is no need to remember different login credentials for different tools, which can be problematic at times.

  • Scheduling Training Sessions: Instructors can schedule training sessions on Zoom right from their ProProfs dashboard, thus saving time and effort. They no longer need to switch between systems.

  • Automated Notifications: Instructors can update every trainee about upcoming Zoom sessions or any last-minute changes from the Training Maker so that they don’t miss them.

  • Data Tracking: There’s no need to manually enroll each learner in a Zoom session. When your learners are registered in the Training Maker, and a session is scheduled on Zoom, you must log into the account and access all the information about learners.

  • Easy setup: Integrating Zoom with ProProfs Training Maker is straightforward. Any admin or instructor can do it with absolutely no help from an IT team or developer.


Here’s a screen grab of a Zoom Meeting scheduled within the ProProfs Training Maker:


ProProfs Training Maker and Zoom Meetings Integration


In this article, you’ll learn:


Here’s how you can get the API key and the API secret key:


Step 1: Log in to your Zoom account, go to the Marketplace, and click Develop >> Build App.


Zoom dashboard


Step 2: Click Create under the JWT app type.


Zoom marketplace


Step 3: Go to App Credentials, and locate the API key and the API secret key.


API key and API Secret key


Finish the integration between Zoom Meetings and ProProfs Training Maker:


Step 4: Go to your ProProfs Training Maker Classroom.


Training Maker dashboard


Step 5: Edit a classroom where you want to enable Zoom Meetings.


Edit a classroom


Step 6: Under Integrations, enable Zoom Meetings.


Integrate Zoom meetings and Training Software


Step 7: Enter the API key and the API secret key that you obtained from the Zoom marketplace. When you’re done, save. The integration is complete.


Enter API keys


After the integration, you will see the option for creating new zoom meetings.


To create a new Zoom meeting:


Step 8: Click Create Meeting.


Create new Zoom meetings from training software


Step 9: Enter the required details in the pop-up window below and click Create Meeting.


Create new Zoom meeting


Step 10: Here’s what a Zoom meeting created with ProProfs Classroom looks like, as shown in the screenshot below. You can do the following after the meeting is created:

  • Start the session by clicking the Start Meeting option.
  • To share the joining details of the meeting with your users, click the meeting name under the column Meeting topic.


Share Zoom meeting details


Step 11: Click "Copy" to copy the details you want to share with your selected users.


Copy Zoom meeting details


That is all about Zoom Meetings integration with ProProfs Classroom.



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