How to Integrate Keap With Training Software


Keap is a powerful CRM and marketing automation software that helps you grow your business and save time. ProProfs Training Maker is an online training software that lets you create and deliver engaging courses and quizzes.


By integrating Keap with ProProfs Training Maker, you can:

  • Automate your lead generation and nurturing process by sending your ProProfs Training Maker users to Keap as contacts.
  • Segment your contacts based on their course progress or other criteria and send them personalized emails or offers.
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of your training and marketing campaigns using Keap’s analytics and reporting features.


Industrial Use-Case

As a fitness coach, you create an online course on ProProfs Training Maker to teach your potential clients about fitness and nutrition.

  • You use Keap to automatically enroll the course takers as contacts and segment them based on their course completion status.
  • You send them personalized email campaigns with tips, offers, or testimonials to convert them into paying customers.
  • You use Keap’s analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


How to Integrate Keap with ProProfs Training Maker:


Step 1: Go to ProProfs Training Maker settings and switch to the integrations tab to find the available integrations.


Go to Integrations under Settings


Step 2: Locate and activate the Keap integration. A pop-up will appear. Click Next to proceed.


Activate Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) integration


Step 3: In the Keap Integration Wizard, enter the Host Name and API Key, which you can get from your Keap account, and click Save.


Enter Integration Details

After you complete the above steps, a popup will appear, informing you that the integration is active. Click "OK," and you are all done.


 And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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