How to Integrate Vertical Response With Training Software


VerticalResponse is an online software that excels in providing email marketing services. Its integration with ProProfs Training Maker enables you to add your learners to VerticalResponse as subscribers automatically.


Benefits of this integration:

  • Automatically send course taker details to VerticalResponse
  • Speed up how you generate targeted mailing lists
  • Instantly import data related to your email campaign suite users into ProProfs LMS
  • Optimize & automate your email marketing campaigns
  • Centralized user data and access the two platforms seamlessly with the single sign-on


Here’s how to integrate VerticalResponse with ProProfs Training Maker:


Step 1. Go to a course’s Settings >> Integrations and enable VerticalResponse.


VerticalResponse integration with ProProfs training maker


Step 2. When the following popup appears, click Next to proceed with the integration process.


VerticalResponse integration


Step 3. Click Authenticate to proceed to the VerticalResponse login screen.


Authenticate VerticalResponse


Step 4. After logging into your VerticalResponse account, click Next.


Authenticating VerticalResponse


Step 5. Select from the available VerticalResponse subscriptions list to which you want to send your ProProfs TM users’ credentials. And save.


VerticalResponse subscription list


The integration is successful. From here on, any of your learners who take this course will be added as subscribers to VerticalResponse.


VerticalResponse and Training Maker integration successful


To see if the integration works as intended, log in to your VerticalResponse account, go to Contacts, and select the appropriate subscription list. Each time your ProProfs Training Maker users will take this particular course, their details will be added to this list, as shown in the screenshot below. Additionally, the list also displays how many of the listed subscribers are ‘Mailable’ (under the Status column).


VerticalResponse mailing list




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