How to Integrate Azure AD With ProProfs Training Maker


Azure Active Directory offers a safe and secure environment to manage user accounts associated with your enterprise applications. Azure integration with Training Maker enables easy identity and access management.


Benefits of integrating Azure AD with ProProfs Training Maker:


  • Manage user access to the ProProfs Training Maker from within Azure AD

  • Enable Azure AD users to sign in to ProProfs with a single login

  • Manage all your user accounts without leaving the Azure portal


Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrating Azure Active Directory with ProProfs Training Maker.


Step 1:

  • Log in to your Azure AD account

  • Select Enterprise applications under Azure services.


Microsoft Azure AD


Step 2:


  • Search ProProfs Training Maker.

  • When it appears, click it, and select "Set up Single sign-on."


ProProfs LMS Integration with Azure


Step 3: Copy the "Thumbprint" on a notepad. You’ll require it shortly.


Copying Thumbprint


Step 4: Copy the "Azure AD Identifier" (only the part after You’ll require it shortly.


Copying Azure AD Identifier


Step 5: Select "Users and groups" from the left-hand side menu.


Accessing Users & groups


Step 6: In your ProProfs Training Maker Classroom,


  • Identify the classroom you want to connect with Azure AD.

  • Select Edit from the three dots menu, as seen in the screenshot below.


LMS Integration With Azure


Step 7:


  • Click "Integrations."

  • Enable "Azure ADFS."

  • Paste the respective details you copied earlier in the space provided.

  • Click "Save."


Azure Integration with Training Maker


That is all about integrating Azure AD with ProProfs Training Maker.



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