How to Add Step & Accordion Blocks


ProProfs Training Maker lets you add interactive information blocks in your course to break the monotony and enhance learners' course-taking experience.

In this article, we’ll learn about two such information blocks - “Step” and “Accordion.


1. Step Block

The “Step” block lets you add information as slides. You may use this block type to explain the steps to accomplish something. The learner clicks the ("<"     ">") to move between the slides.

2. Accordion Block
The “Accordion” block stacks learning content on top of each other, saving you screen space with show/hide (+-) icons to click to reveal. The learner expands an accordion to reveal information.


Example: How These Blocks Appear to a Leaner:




Adding these interactive blocks lets you:


  • Design intuitive learning courses

  • Make your text-heavy courses scannable & consumable

  • Encourage user interaction & improve knowledge retention

  • Present more information in less screen space


Here’s a quick video guide showing how to add these blocks in your course:




 How to Add a Step Block


Step 1: On a page, click the + icon to reveal the side panel and select Step from the options.


How to Add Step


Step 2: Edit the information on the block as needed. For example, you can customize headers and replace images & text. You can also move the block up/down as you see fit. There's also the "Settings" button to add/remove slides and edit slide names.


Edit the step block as needed


 How to Add an Accordion Block


Step 1: On the page, click the + icon in the section to reveal the side panel and select "Accordion" from the options.


How to Add an Accordion Block


Step 2: Edit the Accordion block as needed. Give it a title and replace the image & body text. You can even delete any sub-section or the entire block if you want. Also, similar to the Step block, you can adjust the Accordion block's position on your page.


Edit the Accordion block as needed




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