How to Add a Labeled Graphic Block to Your Course


Labeled graphics is a powerful tool for enhancing the learning experience in ProProfs Training Maker. By adding labeled graphics to your course, you can provide visual cues and interactive elements that help learners better understand and retain information. This guide will explore adding and using labeled graphics in your course to create engaging and effective training content.


A course preview with a labeled graphics block.


Labeled Graphic Block Preview


Why should you use labeled graphics while creating a course?


  • Visual reinforcement: Labeled graphics can help learners better understand and retain information by providing visual cues reinforcing the concepts being taught.

  • Interactive learning: By allowing learners to interact with the graphics and labels, you can create a more engaging and interactive learning experience.

  • Improved comprehension: Labeled graphics can help break down complex information into smaller, more manageable pieces. Hence learners can easily comprehend and retain the information.


To Add a Labeled Graphic Block During Course Creation in Training Maker:


Step 1: Open a chapter/page in the course editor and click the + button to add a new block.


Step 2: Select “Labeled Graphic” from the slider menu.


Add a Labeled Graphic Block in the Course Chapter/Page


Step 3.1: Customize the section per your course. For example, here, we will demonstrate different PPE kit elements.


Customize the block as per your requirements


  • Click Settings to replace the placeholder media. You can upload an image from local storage, cloud, or search on Google/Pexels.

  • You can modify the block color to match your brand. Use the hex code to add specific color.


Replace the placeholder image and modify the block color


Step 3.2: After adding your image, click Edit to add labels and a short description of each label. You can drag and drop the label on the required area.


Edit labels on your image and place them at specific locations


Here’s a preview of what the labeled graphic block will look like to learners.


Preview of the Labeled Graphic block in a course from learner's view


That is all about inserting a labeled graphic block in a course to enhance the learning experience.



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