How to Create New Themes


ProProfs empowers you to design professional courses that seamlessly align with your brand. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating new themes for your courses, allowing you to customize the look and feel to match your organization’s branding.


Watch this quick video guide to learn about themes and customization options.



Did you skip the video? No worries! Let's take you through the instructions step-by-step.


Here's a course preview with a custom theme:


Preview of a course with a custom theme


Benefits of theme customization:


  1. Branding Consistency: Align your training courses with your brand identity and maintain a consistent look and feel across all courses.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: Visually appealing themes can enhance the learning experience, motivate learners, improve engagement, and make the content more memorable.

  3. Professional Aesthetics: Custom themes improve your course's visual appeal and leave a positive impression on your training materials.


To create new themes:

1. Click course settings on the dashboard.
Go to Settings of a course in Training Maker

2. Open the Theme tab on the settings page. 


Click the Theme tab on the settings page


3. Select a theme from the Library section. A blue border indicates the chosen theme. Scroll down to view all the custom themes.


Custom Themes in the Library


4.1 Move to the logo option, and a dropdown menu will open. Click Upload to add a logo from your device’s storage to replace the default ProProfs logo. A pop-up will open.


The logo image supports .jpg, .gif, .png, and .jpeg file formats, with a maximum file size of 2 MB.


Expand the Logo setting and click Upload


4.2 Click Upload and select your logo file to add.


Click to Upload a new logo


Here's a preview of your uploaded logo. You can modify or remove it at any time using the respective buttons.


Uploaded Logo preview, change if you would like to


5. Once the logo is updated, let's customize the theme. After you've selected a theme from the library, you can click Customize to fine-tune various elements.


Click Customize to modify the theme


Customize the selected theme to your preference:

  • Background: Adjust the background and set the appropriate scale. For background, you can select an image from our library, search on Google, or upload a personal image from your device.
  • Font Family: Adjust the font family to align the text of the chapter, page, and other user interface elements with your brand guidelines.
  • Font Size: Alter the font size to match your requirements.
  • Color: Modify the color of your course title, chapter text, page text, and buttons to suit your aesthetic.


Customize the theme elements


Click Save. A pop-up will open. 


Click Save to save your customizations


Enter a name to save your customizations as a new theme. 


Enter the name and save your customizations as a new theme


Your saved theme will appear under the User Theme section, as shown below.


Saved theme available for selection


That concludes our guide on creating new themes in ProProfs Training Maker. Feel free to explore further customization options and make your courses uniquely yours!


If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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