How to Create New Themes



Step 1: When you log in to your account, on the homepage under the desired course click "Settings."

course settings in training maker


Step 2: Click the "Theme" tab on the settings page.


course theme settings


Step 3: In the theme tab, choose from the custom themes. A blue border would highlight the chosen theme. You can scroll down to look at all the custom themes.


cusom themes


Step 4: Once you have selected a theme, go on to the “Logo” tab, to upload the desired logo from your hard drive.


go to logo section


Step 5(i): Clicking on the logo option opens up a drop-down menu, Click on the "upload" button to upload a logo from your hard drive or you can also choose to set the default ProProfs logo. The file formats supported for the logo image are .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg and the max file size is 2MB.




Step 5(ii): Once you have uploaded a logo the upload button automatically transforms if you are not satisfied with the logo click on the "update" button to update the logo.  


Update Logo


Step 6: Click "Customize."
customize theme
Step 7:  Change the background and set the scale which suits best.

change background and scaling


Step 7: Similarly, you can change fonts, and colors from the "Font" and "Color" tabs by clicking "Customize theme."



Step 8: Before saving the theme you can preview your course with the incorporated theme. Click on the "preview" button from the menu bar.


Preview theme before savings


Step 9(i): A new window loads up on clicking the preview button, you can preview the course for different viewing devices such as tablets and mobile phones by clicking the tab or mobile icon on the top left. Click on "start"  button to start the course.


Click on Start Button to Start the Course


Step 9(ii): When you click on the start button, a pop-up will appear, fill in the details and click the "submit"  button to start the course.


Enter the details


Step 10: When you are done with the preview, click the "Save" button to save the customized theme.


Click Save Theme



That is all about creating new themes in ProProfs Training Maker.



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