How to Administer California Sexual Harassment Training




Welcome to the California State sexual harassment training course! Here are the instructions for getting started.


Add the Course to Your Course Library

Step 1: On your ProProfs Training Maker dashboard, go to Create a Course.


Create a Course


Step 2: Go to Courses and then select Harassment.


Select Course


Step 3: Hover the mouse over the CA Sexual Harassment Training (Supervisors) course and Click View.


Tip: In case you aren't sure which training to pick, explore state-mandated sexual harassment training requirements and recommended courses.


Click View to See Course


Step 4: Click Use This Course to add it to your classroom for editing and customization. 


Use This Course


Add Your Company Branding

Step 5: You can customize the course based on your company requirements by changing its branding and appearance. You can do that by going into Settings and accessing themes.




Step 6: Go to the Theme tab and start customizing the theme, logo, background, fonts, and colors.




Learn how to add your company branding


Add Your Company’s Harassment Policy

Step 7: You are required to provide your employees with your harassment policy when you provide this course. You can also add other company documents to the course. We have created a placeholder where you can upload your policy into the course for download, as shown in the screenshot below.


Add Your Company’s Harassment Policy


Learn How to Add Downloadable Handouts to My Course


Customize Course Completion Certificate

We have included a certificate for your learners which they will get upon the successful completion of a course. You can customize the look and feel of the certificate in case you'd like to do so.


Learn How to Customize Your Course Certificate


Set up Your Online Classroom

Set up your online classroom to easily administer and manage your sexual harassment course.


Learn How to Create an Online Classroom


Set up Learners & Share Course

You can easily add learners to your online classroom and assign them to learner groups, quizzes, and courses. Once they have been added, you can easily share your courses with them.


Learn How to Add Learners and Assign a course to them


Set up Reminders & Compliance

You can set up reminders and compliance features for your course. In California, you are required to train all employees every two years. You can set up reminders so that your employees remain in compliance with the State.


Learn to Add Completion Date, Reminders, and Expiration Date to Your Course


Access Reports

To maintain compliance, you want to view course completion rates. You can easily access all of the information you need about your learners by viewing course reports. 


Learn How to Access and Download Course Reports






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